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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

After the basics of training were finished - it was time to actually get to Main Street and train! Learning the lay of the land and learning about how the Confectionary worked, embroidering Mickey ears and selling jewelry at Uptown Jewelers was so much fun. This location was everything I wanted and more. Getting to sew someone's first pair of Mickey Ears... or sell someone their first ever specialty Mickey apple at the Confectionary... It was a dream come true. I'm going to break down... the good, the bad & the ugly in this blog post. Because while I had requested Main Street - I also discovered that that ended up being one of the worst decisions. I'm not sure if I would have changed it - because the people I met and the friends I made on Main Street are some of the best ever. BUT... in terms of my experience WORKING at Disney ... I would have wanted to be someplace else upon further investigating.


There is a lot of good. I met one of my absolute best friends…

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